And Again!

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…IT’S ALMOST APRIL: I can’t believe I’ve been disappeared from my baby (the blog) for so long, I apologise for that, but between Uni, work, Maid Of Honor duties and always going out with friends…it’s been a little hectic. I have tons of articles ready for you though, i’ll tell you all about my busy days and everything. But first, let’s start with writing about this weekend.  Yesterday,  Thursday…I was busy cleaning up my room since I’m re-decorating it completely.  I bought new furniture, and i’m also putting up some new things but it’s all a surprise so I’m not going to say anything and show you when it’s all done.  At night, Diana and I went to a bar to have a couple of drinks and catch up since we’ve both been busy.  After a few friends joined, we went to Society, which is at the moment my favourite club since it has such awesome music. Clubs in Dubai usually play weird music that i can’t really dance to but this one has like such a mixture from the 80’s and 90s and SOME from today. I had a really good night, the crowd was perfect and ahhhh the whole night had such a good vibe. I got home at 3am, tried to stay up to watch a show but, then passed out. Today’s Friday, it’s weekend…it was a very lazy day apart from going to the gym part. After the gym I spent the entire afternoon watching tv series and at like 5:30 or so, it started raining loads. Now I’m about to get ready to go out with my ladies. I’ll speak to you tomorrow and tell you all about my night. For now, hope you have a wonderful Friday night! Speak soon. xx

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