Feels Good To Be Home.

We got home on Wednesday really early morning / Tuesday late night….I’ve haven’t been sleeping much but I already saw some of my closest friends. ANA & her mummy came to surprise us at the airport when my dad came to pick us up!!!!! Best surprise so far!!!! I was SUPER happy when I called my dad to tell him we’re almost outside and he “passed me the phone to our surprise” hehehehe. Ana & her family are MY extended family. Ana & I met in like grade 4-5 so we’ve known each other for years and i just ADORE them. Each and every one of the family members.

Anyways, we got home and got greeted by our babies and well, i tried going to sleep after i took a shower but it was 3:30 am in Dubai so honestly i DID NOT sleep much….but there’s time….theres always the day after.

Anyways, ever since Thursday, I’ve been meeting up with my friends and spending A LOT of time at the beach or my pool tanning. I’ve been in Dubai for 6 days now, i’ve been in the sun for 4 out of those 6 days….and now, i need to go get ready because, guess where i’m going????? TO THE BEACH! 

See ya later 🙂

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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