Too Much Shopping.

I know there’s never too much, but like…i’m not planning to pay for overweight when we fly back home. I already bought so so so so much stuff and yesterday we went to H&M, yeah – bad idea…Well, good idea because i have new clothes and bad idea because i’m not allowing myself to buy anything when i go home. I seriously need to stop going shopping for a while and just wear and make a ton of new outfit posts since now i have no excuses, just need to ask my mum or sister when they have 30 minutes of free time to shoot some photos! I can’t wait to show you everything i bought here, i’m super happy. This has been by far the most successful shopping trip / holiday / spending quality trip EVER.
I will soon write a huge long-ass “Travel Report” on this city, it’ll be super worth it to read!
Speak to you guys super soon!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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