Birthday Dinner With Family. ♥

My birthday celebrations, usually last a week. I love having different celebrations, such as going to dinner, or going clubbing, or throwing a birthday gathering at my house, or just having a birthday movie night. Just a bunch of different birthday events. This year, my birthday week started on the 1st of June, just because I LOVE SURPRISES and the fact that two of my friends came to pick me up at like 1am just to chill for a bit. After I got back from my Thailand trip, i just love spending time with friends. and since i love surprises, it was perfect.

On the 2nd of June, I spend quality time with both Laura & Slurpy, they had to blind fold me and had to get some things done. haha I found out what they were doing like a week later. Anyways, on the 3rd which is my ACTUAL birthday, i got ready for my birthday dinner which was “destination unknown” & then a club, which I didn’t know about either. The girls told me to wear shorts and a nice shirt. So, i did….I wore bright neon pink shorts & a black shirt. The Dinner Unknown destination ended up being Reem Al Bawadi, which I was SUPER happy about & the club, Stables, on Sheik Zayed Road. SUCH a fun night! Thank you guys so much! 

I ended up going home at 7am and waking up at around 11am. Had breakfast, went out, got a few things done. Had lunch, and at around 5, some of my friends kidnapped me again. They went somewhere else. and thennnnnn, I was finally allowed to go and get ready, so I did that, and then Laura kidnapped me for like….4 hours. We drove around & then at around 8pm, she blind folded me. Then, we went to destination unknown 3 and it was my houuuuuseeeee, and some of my very close friends surprised me there!!!! It was soo soo soo good!!!! I’m so happy!

After drinking loads and loads at my house, we went to danceeeeee all night at Q43. Me & the girls came home at like 5am. We were dead the day after. OH SO MUCH FUN!

Thank you guyyyyyyssssss!

On Friday the 5th June, It was one of my last birthday celebrations, this time a Birthday Dinner with my family! We went to Claws, in Souk Al Bahar, DownTown Dubai. It was really good fun. The food was alright, not the best I had and very expensive but we wouldn’t have known if we didn’t try.


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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