Hello June 2015.

I seriously cannot believe it’s JUNE already, like how quickly is time passing by?????? Seriously think about it, this year is half way done. Okay thinking about it like that scares me. So many things are happening, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2 DAYS!!!!!! AHHHHH! Things are getting a little cray cray! Always think positive though! I’m super excited about my birthday, i mean ishy. Last year, wasn’t that great (the brunch I had in Dubai) because people are stupid but i still managed to be super happy because my babes were with me. Then I traveled to South Africa and had the most amazing birthday with like such awesome people including my best friend….so I mean it made everything a lot better. BUT STILL. So nervous haha. Anyways, let’s stay on the positive side, hopefully this year, people won’t be stupid and will show up and like I’ll have an amazing birthday with the people i love the most. YES! positivity! ALWAYS!

Today i’m ONLY focusing on cleaning up my room, i mean I bought SO many things in Thailand that I need to “clean up” and select clothes I don’t wear anymore so I can pile all of them up and donate it to charity.

Talking about Thailand, I still have SO many pictures to show you, so don’t forget to pop by once in a while and check up for updates on those pictures! They’re really worth looking at!

Love you guys, talk to you on here super soon! 🙂

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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