New Look. ♡

I chopped a chunk of my hair off, and I don’t regret it. Ever since I started dying it back in 2013, it has been constantly dyed every now and then.

The summer I went to South Africa I put tons of bleach in it and so it was unhealthy and damaged. Recently, I’ve been going in for getting my toner done but now it was about time to get a proper haircut and have a nice change. I’ve always loved long hair, and i still do and always will but sometimes it’s so much better to get a nice haircut and get it back to being super healthy. Especially in this country where you go indoors and outdoors where there’s like 90% humidity and then back in with like freezing cold AC. Hair gets damaged way more easier.

So in this post i’ll show you some of the recent photos I took from the moment i got my haircut done by Giampiero at Y-12 salon. He’s the only one who can touch my hair and get close to my hair with scissors because i gave up on all the other hairdressers. They don’t know how to cut in this country. Even if you tell them “I would just like you to cut 10cm off”, they’ll cut 40cm just for the fuck of it.
I recently got told from a close friend of mine, she got hair haircut from this hairdresser and instead of cutting “a tiny bit off, just to FIX the haircut”, the hairdresser chopped half her hair off and now she pretty much has a haircut shorted then Ellen DeGeneres.

Anyways, enough about hairs, tell me what you think of my “short hair look”. I love reading your comments and getting your feedback. Love you guys.

Friday 5th February 2016

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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