Rollerblading. ♡

NEW LOVE: A The other day, the girls and I were having watermelon juice by the beach and one of them pointed out a lady who was rollerblading so we started talking about it. That’s where it all began, we went to have the day after and I casually went to Declathon to check out the price and walked out with rollerblades. My new babies haha, no but seriously. Ever since I bought them, I can’t stop. Okay, i did fall on my ass a couple of times but it’s just so much fun, i love it love it love it!
I’ve been going everyday, for an hour – sometimes two. 
A couple of times I met up with Laura or Ana or even Diana and we went together.
So, enjoy the pictures for now guys, i shall come back here soon.


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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