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ABOUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: A quick post to tell you about something i’ve been working on for a pretty long time now. One of the reasons why i’ve been absent from the blog for a while is because i’ve been going out and exploring and going on different adventures with friends. I finally got in contact with a bunch of friends from school so we now had a couple reunions. I’ve also been drowning in Uni work…these are the last couple of weeks to keep pushing and working hard because then I’m DONE which is pretty exciting.

About one of the projects I’ve been working on, my YouTube Channel. I’ve been learning a few things on how to perfect my channel. So, today, I want to share the link with you all and make sure you click the “subscribe” button. I’ll be uploading a video every week. I thought it would take me ages to edit, but I was wrong. it just depends what type of video it is…and how many effects you want to add.

I’m super excited about showing you the videos i’ve been working on so far. 

I’m going back to working on Uni things now, but make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel!

Love you guys!.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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