Hello people, it’s currently 00:17 in the freaking night….usually i’m asleep WAY earlier than this, also because I usually workout every morning so i’m suppose to be up in 5 hours. Let’s see if I manage! 

ANYWAYS, for the past two hours and a bit, don’t ask why – but I’ve been going through my hard drives, and OH MY GOODNESS, I found more than THREE HUNDRED videos….and this is just ONE of the 4 hard drives I own.

Can you guys imagine how many more I have to go through…Okay, it’s not a hassle or anything. I LOVE going through old pictures and videos….all the good memories. BUT geeze. I take A LOT of pictures and videos!!! It was ABOUT TIME I started my YouTube Channel!!! hahahahaha

Soon, since I’ve been secretly making a little folder with “old videos” on my laptop….I’m thinking of like publishing the best parts….so like in the next upcoming weeks…I’ll be posting videos from: Italy, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc etc etc…..

SOOOOO that means, my blog will continue to have little “throwbacks” as well as my YouTube Channel!

SO make sure to stay tuned on both! and keep checking back! 

Also, PLEASE comment, tell me what you like and what you don’t. I love love love reading all your comments!!!

Kay, going to bed now…my eyes are slightly heavier now.

Sweet Dreams!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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