I know I know! It’s happened PLENTY of times before, but I’m honestly back! I finished Uni and until I don’t start job hunting, i’m completely free. I actually wanted to first of all, apologise for being away that long. I’ve missed you guys! Let me quickly re-cap of the things that have been happening until this very day.
Jan-recap: classes began, getting adapted to new scheduele and classes.
Feb-recap: new assignments, new projects
March-recap: freak out about it being last month of uni. Prepare final projects
April-Recap: hand it a million projects.
May-Recap: make sure all lectures have all our work. Final submissions (one of the classes)

So pretty much a little hectic, I must admit. This past semester, there was ALWAYS something to submit or get feedback about, or work on it more and stuff like this.

On May 12th, my best friend Giulia & her boyfriend from Italy, came to visit me and have me play tourist again! We spent some good 5 days and some quality best friend time while we could. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years!! I love love love love these friendships that I could not see her for AGES and the minute we see each other again, nothing changes.
Now that they’re back in Italy (sad emoji), apart from getting ill and forcing myself to stay in bed, I’ve been planning out some videos, some blog posts as well as getting really excited about my birthday.
Here on the blog, i’m just going to publish a bunch of articles as if I never stopped.
Also, I can’t wait to tell you guys about my SUMMER PLANS!

By the way, I hope you have all been watching my youtube videos!!! 
I shall talk to you guys super soon!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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