Birthday In Two Days!

Wednesday today! It’s like almost 7 in the morning and I already worked out, showered, had breakfast, cleaned up my room and now writing this article. I think I can call this a very productive day.

I seriously cannot believe it’s JUNE already, like how quickly is time passing by?????? Seriously think about it, this year is half way done. Okay thinking about it like that scares me. So many things are happening, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2 DAYS!!!!!! AHHHHH! Things are getting a little cray cray! Always think positive though! I’m super excited about my birthday, i mean ishy. I have a million and a half things to do before my birthday celebration which is in 2 days. I’m actually super excited about all the things I need to do. My past birthdays have been pretty epic I must say. My birthday week has begun. Usually I celebrate it once with my family, once with friends…sometimes twice and usually my sister and I always have a Sister’s date this time of year where we just order in take out and watch one of our favourite movies.
I cannot wait for Friday…omg!!!
Anyways i need to go to my appointment now so I shall talk to you all very soon!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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