Every Workout Counts.

A lot of my friends and blog followers always ask me how I manage to have time to do my workouts. Well, it’s pretty damn simple. I love and really believe that every workout counts. The minimum I’ve ever had a workout for was 15 minutes, it happened way too quickly and it was too little time, also because i love working out, the longer I workout, the better. Even the really short 15 minute workout felt great though. I love the fact that even the short workouts count and I get so sore and LOVE that feeling. Usually, I love the day after leg-day, i feel so sore but it’s just such a proud feeling.

Ahhh is it just me or do you love it too?? Which day is your favourite?

(Written: 12-10-2015)

(Published: 30-6-2016)

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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