Here I Am.

A FRESH START: Good morning everyone! Rise & Shine! Hope you’re all having a great morning so far, I’m sitting here in Sri Lanka and to be completely honest I’ve been thinking of new ideas for my blog, it needed a new something but I couldn’t figure out what it was until i woke up this morning. The first thing i thought about this morning was a some sort of link to my health and fitness side of me on my blog. So i decided to write a few things down and the reasons why i wanted this was because my passion for health and fitness grew a long time ago, i’ll tell you all about that later. I decided to make a link through my personal blog which i’m hoping you’ve all seen and one where I can write about my experience with health and fitness. So here I am, sitting here with this gorgeous view all ready to start. Are you ready to take this adventure with me? I’m going to be blogging about Health & Fitness. I will post motivational quotes, pictures and a bunch of other things, but you’re going to have to wait and see.

(Written: 11-8-2015)

(Published: 25-6-2016)

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