Took this picture this morning! JUST KIDDING. It was just taken 21 years ago. Can’t believe I’m turning 24 years old today!!!!

It’s like 1 am now, so technically not exactly my birthday yet, but it is the third of June so why the hell not write my birthday post now??

I’m really really super duper excited about today! My closest friends and I are going to brunch! 

All I asked for was balloons! Wondering why? Because, if you saw my parent’s birthday balloons, I got them a giant one…

No but seriously, doubt i’ll ask for birthday gifts…usually I ask for a trip or something like that I can remember. This year I got a tiny birthday gift, SUPER early one…..back in April….which was my VLOGGING camera! It was an amazing gift so I really don’t need anything else.

I’m super excited about today, I should probably go sleep to get enough sleep before we start drinking….it’s going to a fun long day!


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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