Snapchat Fun

SUMMER-TALK: Hello beautiful people! I recently got back home from another crazy shopping day! I love love love love shopping in Summer, favourite season of course! So in the past 3 days I got, 5 new pairs of shorts, a bunch of shirts, 4 new bikinis, new pjs and 2 new pairs of sandals and of course a bunch of makeup. Pretty stoked at the moment and extremely happy with all my purchases.

So excited about my summer trips! I love trips with my family, we’re all very adventurous and like going to new places (It’ll be my first time for the “Secret Place”) and ya, I must admit we are a fun family haha!

It’s going to be gooooooood!!!!

Also, today I just wanted to show you a bunch of selfies (LOL) that i’ve been taking with snapchat! I have SO much fun with these filters! haha

Hope you all have an amazing night ya’ll!

Speak to you guys tomorrow! <3

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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