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GET UP AND JUST DO IT!: I’m the biggest fan of Ashy Bines and from the longest time. I’ve been following her for years on social media as well as her programs. I actually bought the programs a really long time ago but no programs ever worked for me. So I tried buying other ones from other Fitness Gurus / Personal Trainers. The photo of me on the top is when I was working out 5/7 a week and ate super-duper clean. In 2016, Ashy Bines and her team launched not one but TWO apps. The first one was the “28 Booty Challenge”. I call it the booty app. and the second one is the “28 day Ab Challenge”.

I’ve seen photos, they work. I was doing the booty app for a couple of day but got interrupted a few times. Today, i started all over again. I’m done with DAY 1, but i’ve tried doing one of the days from the ab app, just to try and I love it. The workouts are such killers and honestly make your body burn so so much! SUCH an amazing feeling.

Another benefit with Ashy Bines Programs is that she replies, she’s such a huge inspiration and a huge support. She’s also a mum to a wonderful little boy, she gives me so much motivation, it’s crazy!

Another program I love is from the Fitness Guru Anna Victoria, her workouts are KILLERS too. She has the Fit Body Guide & Workouts ebooks. I must admit, they’re a bit expensive but they work really well also! She’s also really supportive and she replies 

I’m actually on a mission, it’s gonna be tough but SO SO SO worth it.

Then there’s like loads more, I literally tried almost all of them and I do honestly think Ashy & Anna are the best guides I followed. I’m on a mission and have really high intensions. Need to work hard & eat super clean. I can do this!

If you don’t already, I suggest you follow both Fitness Gurus on both Instagram & Snapchat.

Ashy Bines: Ashybines1

Anna Victoria: Anna Vitoria

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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