A Fresh Start.

January 1st people. Can anyone out there believe it? Because, I really can’t.

Last night, I was thinking of a good way to start this month, and a few things got into my head but the first one was obviously running, so before I went to sleep, I prepared my outfit, shoes, and everything i needed to get in the morning so it wouldn’t waste time. I went to sleep early so it would be a tiny bit easier waking up as I haven’t gone running in a while. This morning I went running for the first time in ages, (the other day I went but my knee was hurting). It felt so good going really really early and smelling the fresh air. I started out with walking, then I jogged for a bit just to make sure my knee was okay and then i finally had a run. It felt really really good. I finished off my morning with a nice yoga session and of course took a lot of photos before, during and after.

Hope you all have an amazing start of the month! 

(Written: 1-1-2016)

(Published: 2-7-2016)

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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