I’m Coming Home ♡

SUMMER BREAK: Ahhhhhh I can FINALLY say out on here! I’m going HOME! I’m going to Italy in less than 2 weeks! I’ll be spending time with my best friend and a couple of other close friends from my home town. I’m SO excited! Not only to see my baby girl Giulia, BUT to be in European air. I love Summer, it’s my favourite season (in Europe where it’s not boiling hot). Going to Italy early is just SUPER exciting! I’ll be going on a few different adventures with them there and of course I’ll also be updating the blog, my YoutTube Channel, Instagram

 twitter & Facebook.

I’ve been home-sick for a little while now and I honestly think I need a little break from here and just need sometime to relax and enjoy a Summer holiday in Italy with some of my favourite people out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dubai but in the Summer, I feel like i have the need to travel and to visit my home town. This year I consider myself EXTRA lucky to be going there early and spending some quality time with my close home town friends. 

I also think, another reason why I want to have a little break from here is because I literally just finished University, I got my grades not too long ago! (and I’m REALLY happy with the results) so i’m just so so so happy!

Can’t wait to bring you guys on super fun adventures with me! 

A photo from just a couple of year ago.

♥ Giulia Zampieri



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