Rivari Hotel Review

Hello loves, sorry I didn’t write another post last night. Half way through the pool day, I didn’t feel okay so I decided to go take a quick nap and rest for a bit. It didn’t go so well and took longer than I thought. I ended up napping for a little while longer and then finally got up, showered, got ready and went to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant. I need to tell you guys all about that restaurant and if you ever go to Kamari, you should go eat there. The food was delicious, the food presentation was stunning, the people were completely amazing. I literally loved it.
In today’s post i’ll show you guys some bits and parts of the hotel we stayed at. The hotel was located in Kamari, not too far from the beach, and it was really beautiful. The rooms are like little bungalows, they were all really colourful. The staff from the hotel were sweethearts, always super sweet, super helpful for anything we needed. The breakfast was delicious every morning and of course the rates for the nights we stayed were reasonable. It was a really good first experience staying in Hotel Rivari. I would definitely recommend it.

Anyways, I shall talk to you guys all tomorrow or later today with a new post.

Make sure you check back every once in a while! hehe

Hotel Rivari – Kamari, Santorini. Greece.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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