The Start.

LET’S GO: And I’m ready, I’ve been preparing articles ever since I left Dubai for my trip so almost all of my articles are already ready and proof-read. It’s time to start publishing so we’re going to go back in time and I’m going to be publishing photos from when I was still in Dubai, then flying to Greece, then flying to Italy and then my entire trip in Italy. So tonight will be the first article, you might find it weird because it might not be related to my trips and all but that’s okay, it might be a forgotten article I was suppose to publish.

So stay tuned because after this one i’ll be posting lots and lots of articles so you can see how amazing my trip was.

So from tonight’s article onwards, i’ll be finally starting to share my articles and photos from my Summer holiday. I’ll be talking to you about each day and what we did and all. I’m super excited to share it all with you so stay tuned.

ALSO: Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel so you can watch all of my Travel Vlogs and get to feel like you’re on holiday with me.

I hope you guys enjoy all the articles, pictures and vlogs too!!!

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Thanks for being patient!!!

Friday 15th July, 2016

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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