Visiting Kamari ♡

GREECE DAY 1: It’s the morning after, our first day in Santorini. We’re currently staying in a beach place called Kamari. There are three main towns here and they are Kamari, Fira & Oia. We stayed in Kamari because it was the closest to the beach and that’s exactly what we wanted. Today our plans are to go for a long walk towards the town, our hotel is like 5 minutes away from the beach / town. It’s so convenient. I shall update you guys a bit later and see what we end up doing and where we end up having lunch, dinner ect. I shall write on here later on today. I hope you guys are enjoying my posts so far!

Hello people, we’re back from the town. We went for a really long walk, stopped to look at souvenirs and stuff then went to the beach for the longest time and stayed there until just before dinner. An hour and a bit before dinner, we came back to the hotel to quickly shower and change and then we headed out again. We went to dinner to have Seafood at the restaurant we passed by a few times, the food was really good. We also had the pleasure of playing with some doggies that came to say hello nearby.

First day was absolutely amazing.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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