Visiting Oia ♡

Today we’re went to Oia, we decided that the best, easiest and fastest way to not get lost and being able to come back whenever, would be catching a bus, but my sister and I made the bus ride pretty damn entertaining. I had so much fun. OMG. We went around Oia, took a million photos, went to see the famous Donkeys, we were going to go for a ride with the donkeys but we felt really bad and then we read some articles of how bad it is to do something touristy with animals in all these different countries and we were certain that we had taken the correct decision.

We walked all around the town, took more photos, went to find the perfect spot for the beautiful Oia Sunset and when we had found it, chilled a bit and I vlogged and then took a lot more photos than I thought I would take.

Oia was absolutely amazing, such a beautiful island. Defiantly worth visiting that part of Santorini.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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