Today’s Gym Look

HELLO LOVES!!!! So happy to be back and updating my blog like crazyyyyy!!!!!

It’s almost 3pm so I need to go get ready soon but I wanted to show you my cool outfit for the gym that I wore this morning. I’ve always loved working out but thanks to my best friend who told me about VivaFit, I’ve been obsessed. I love going there so much, it brings out so much positive energy. I can’t wait for you guys to read all the recent articles I’ve been writing and show you all the pictures I’ve been taking.

Don’t you just love my Gym outfit? haha Also, who could have thought I’d love this gym so much. Usually after a few months of going to the same gym i’d get demotivated and stuff and not want to go back and I’d do my own workouts at home but with VivaFit it’s just different.

I have to tell you guys so much, I just can’t wait!

I’m super excited about my trip, can you guys guess where I’m off to?

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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