ColorPop Review

One of my best friends Laura, who’s also really into make up (and really good at doing makeup) ordered a bunch of makeup from abroad and not too long ago she had asked us if we wanted to order with her, just to not have a million shipments and all. So all three of us ended up ordering a lot of products, I don’t like ordering online usually, just because I love being able to try it first unless i’ve obviously tried it before. So this time I decided to order 2 shades from Colorpop which are Molly & Clueless. These are both the ones that Laura already had and made me try on before I actually ordered them. I really really like both of the ones I got, I find both shades ones one could wear for both day time as well as night time which is what I really really love about them both.

I defiantly recommend buying from Colorpop, if you visit the website, they have SO many options of colors and lipsticks and eye shadows and so on. Honestly, usually it takes ages for a shipment to get from the US to Dubai, this time it only took 10 working days and it was ready for pick up. Absolutely amazing, such good service. I love Colorpop and I can’t wait to order more.

Picture Above: My sister is wearing Molly

Picture above: My sister wearing Clueless

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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