Slurpy’s Birthday Surprise!

This is a scheduled post, but I really wanted to publish these pictures before it becomes like a month after her birthday….you know I like publishing when it’s like a few days after the event so that I have time to edit the photos if needed and write the article and so on. SO, here it goes. After a week of Laura and I planning how why what where and when, we figured the best plan was to take Slurpy out for “breakfast” but actually pick her up, blind fold her and go to Zero Gravity without her knowing. So Laura went to pick her up, when they were on the way to Zero Gravity, Ana got blindfolded and had to stay blindfolded until we went inside and sat on our wonderful sun bed. I have a video of the part where we open the blindfold and ask her if she knows where we are. You can watch it in not too long on my YouTube Channel.

Anyways, after we told her, we got comfortable and got changed and then started ordering food and of course tons of water  since we were very exposed to the sun. It was absolutely amazing napping in the sun, and spending quality time with my babygirls.
Later on a night I had to pretend I had a migraine and it wasn’t even pretending because I actually got one before going home. So I went to change, shower, got ready to go home because while Laura kept Ana hostage and pretended she wanted juice and all. All that was happening while I had to rush home, get changed and ofcouse chose what to wear, pick up my parents, drive as fast as I can to get special balloons for the decorations and drive super fast to her house. It was intense because there was a lot of traffic and I have a lot of road rage. Anyways, we made it on time, both our families helped with decorating the entire house, balloons and pretty blue birthday things all over the house. I really liked how it turned out, Niki helped too, and wore one of the birthday hats, it was absolutely adorable.

Finally when Laura and Ana arrived, we all got up and shouted SURPRISE when they walked through the door!!! 

I’m so happy the birthday plan turned out as planned, apart from traffic delay. 

Thank you Laura & Paula and everyone involved for making this happen.

I love you all so so much! 

P.S. Hope you all love the pictures as much as I do!

Slurpy, I really really hope you enjoyed your birthday!!! Love you, always and forever!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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