VivaFit Membership!

It’s now been a month since I signed up for my new gym membership. I actually got to know about it thanks to my best friend who told me about it when I was still on my Summer trip! After I came back from the holidays, I got to try two of the classes as trials, and it was love at first sight. First of all, the classes don’t have a lot of people in it. Only 20 people max can attend each class so the trainers are very focused on each person training. I attended Body Balance as well as Pilates in August with my best friend and it was Joana running the class. The first thing I noticed was that it was very focused and I love that, second was that any help you need, they’ll be available and answer you. 

There are so many benefits about being a VivaFit Member. I also noticed, the positive vibes you have when you go through that door. The energy it provides, the motivation to kick a** in the class you’re about to attend. I absolutely love it. The VivaFit team is absolutely amazing. Each class you learn so much, you get better, and stronger and you get to be the best version of you.
I signed up on the 5th of October, Today it’s a month exactly and thanks to the motivation you get from the gym, from the VivaFit team from the energy and positive vibes, I managed to see results after only 2 weeks. YES, TWO WEEKS! This is why I said there are so many benefits being a VivaFit Member. 

It’s been absolutely amazing being a member at VivaFit and it “sucks” that I’m traveling tomorrow only because i’m in love with the fitness centre and I can’t wait to be back to get back with my routine.

So basically ever since I started going to VivaFit, I’ve had the honour to have guidance with my lifestyle, in the sense that, going to VivaFit, one of the most important things when you’re a member there is getting support and guidance from the team.

Another amazing things about this fitness centre is that any suggestions you have, the team does it’s best to provide it. For example some members suggested to have classes earlier on the weekdays and a few weeks later, VivaFit published their new timetable with classes starting at 8:40 am, which makes it easier for members and non-members who have a later work shift to get that 30 minute workout done in the morning.

Honestly, one of the best things I’ve done this year. So proud of being a VivaFit Member.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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