Currently sitting in Laura’s car, we’re going on an adventure again! We’re going to Ace Hardware to buy more boxes for her move!

Something super exciting happened yesterday! Actually more than just one thing! Yesterday we borrowed the Skydive Dubai runway to take pictures of Laura’s car and then it turned into a fun photoshoot! We took such awesome photos so I’ll publish them on here!

Another super exciting thing that happened is Laura Bear got a drone, so this morning she set it up and we were gonna go to the desert and fly with it today BUT then we realized it’s too hot…so we’ll be going on an adventure in the next couple of days! That’s going to be a fun one! 

Now we’re just going to Ace as I said before and thennnnn we’re going to the post office, then home for lunch. After lunch we usually take a 1 hour nap, and then wake up and usually either go out or continue watching our beloved One Tree Hill.

I’m off now, need to get a few things done, I shall talk to you all soon!

Love, Julez

(Photoshoot: Wednesday 17th May 2017)

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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