Birthday Trip Update

SUM-UP: A quick post just for a quick update! I’m currently not in Dubai, haven’t been since the 28th of May. I’m back in London now, but I also got to go to PARIS!!!!!! YES PARIS! for my 25th Birthday!!! Which is why i’m publishing this article today because there are going to be tons and tons of posts after I go back to Dubai!

I have crazy amounts of pictures to show you! Between the trip to London, my 25th birthday, me going to the Ashy Bines Event as well as meeting her randomly at Top Shop and then just my birthday gift being a ticket to Paris as well as a beautiful pink flamingo! I literally cannot begin to explain how many photos i have to publish.

So just warning you guys, I kinda took a little break away from my blog for this beautiful holiday of mine but I’ll be publishing tons when I get back home.

I hope you guys are all prepared and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for now since I never stop publishing there.

In today’s post I’m giving you a little sneak peak with 5 photos of my trips, but trust me, this is nothing compared to what I have to show you! There’s TONS more!

Have an amazing Monday guys!! Lots of love from London!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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