It Wasn’t For Too Long!

JULEZ IS BACK: Ahhhhhhhh! Hi guys!!!! So this is Technically my first post since I’ve been back! I apologize but I’ve honestly been extremely busy going on adventures and taking new photos and new content for both my blog, my Instagram and my YouTube channel. So it was all for a good cause that I’ve been MIA on the blog!

But thankfully I’ve got TONS to show you now.

I’m gonna start with my London trip and all the W’s for that trip! I’m so excited to be writing again! I’ve missed it! 

In all honesty though, I might take out the blog articles I wrote when I was in London and add to them!

Are you guys excited about all the new photos? 

I promise I’ll be uploading onto my YouTube channel soon too! Baby steps! 😁

Love you guys!

P.s I’m currently out and for some really strange reason it’s not letting me upload photos so I’ll add them when I’m on my laptop!
Update: here are the photos! 

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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