All Of These Lights

YOGA&SUN: When our friend Laura was here in Dubai, we ended up going on a lot of adventures so that we could a) have fun together b) take pictures together. B definitely failed because we only ended up taking photos together on our road trip to Hatta but we did have tons of fun together on all the adventures we went on. This one was to take really cool photos also because we like to go on adventures at different timings as well. So this time we arrived at the bridge at around 4:40pm, and we managed to take some really cool photos with the lights and of course Burj Khalifa which you can’t really miss. It was a very good adventure we went on, I’m really happy with the photos we managed to shoot. I hope you guys like them too. I hope you guys all have amazing things planned for today. I have a very very busy day hence why I need to go get ready now but I shall be back on here and tell you all about today on another post!!
P.s. I managed to publish a vlog as well, so don’t forget to check in out HERE. I can’t believe I started vlogging again! I’ve missed it!

Have an amazing day!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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