Road Trip To Hatta

Hi guys! Happy Monday, hope you’re having a wonderful morning! Today I’ll be sharing some photos that I haven’t had the chance to publish yet! Now is the time 😑

This year, almost around the same time, the Bermuda Triangle split. 😱💔

The other day, okay more like a couple of weeks ago, my friend Laura came to Dubai, to visit us! 

It was in August that she told me she had some days of from work so she could try come visit. From the moment she told me I was SUPER excited!! I couldn’t wait to see her. 

I went to pick her up from Abu Dhabi airport and made it a little fun road trip singing my lungs out in the car to Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Shakira, and so many more!!

On the way home, she showed me one of the things she had brought me. A gift that weighed 6KG. It was absolutely insane.

Can you guys what it was? (i’ll be mentioning what it is in another post)

Anyways, unfortunately the only photos we took together when she was here were in Hatta, so I’m going to be sharing those with you!

We had a lot of fun, we went to a bunch of different adventures, went on a little road trip, and so much more. 
So today, I’m finally showing you the photos from the little road trip we took. On a side note, my sister’s friend from the UK was also here in Dubai for a holiday, so it ended up being a bunch of us and it was tons of fun!



♥ Giulia Zampieri


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