BEST OF 2017


Happy New Years Eve everyone and Happy “Best Of 2017”! 

I started writing this post a while ago….and I gotta admit it has been very difficult to come up with this……

2017……A year which changed me, made me understand so many things. A year which made me understand, to never quit your passions. To make them from passions and make them into reality, work hard and never give up. As I always say and # these days, Take Your Passion & Make It Happen.

This year was probably one of the best years in my life so far! The end of every year is always the time for me to reflect on the things I’ve achieved, people I’ve met, decisions I’ve made and to start making goals for the New Year ahead. This year has been an absolutely incredible one, I remember the to-do list I wrote at the end of December 2016, I wouldn’t believe any of it would happen, but they did, 9/10 goals (from the blog) happened. My blog grew so much over the last year and it’s still growing and hopefully it will continue to grow even more every day.

From the 1st of January 2017 until today (31st of December 2017) I have loved every single day of this year. From laughter, to sadness, to crying to more laughter…at the end of the day, I have really learnt a lot. It was a year full of emotions.

In January, I was still working at my old job, it was incredible to be able to have a job before even graduating from University. The job that I was working at taught me a lot of things, one of the biggest and most important was the skill of time management and another one was that you need to actually love the people you’re working with otherwise you’re not going to be happy going to work.

January was also the day I went to the Apple store with one of my best friends and decided to buy the iPhone 7, that was such an exciting day. I also managed to have some really amazing weekends in January, going on a lot of cool adventures with my best friends. We took some epic photos and had really TONS of fun.

February was also incredible, that was the month I decided to change around some things I had made decisions for and I’m so happy I did, this was also with the help of my family, friends and one of my best friends aswell. We also went on a lot of adventures in February, we went on a bunch of road trips, beach-road and juice dates, random photoshoots in my garden etc. Feb was such a fun month.

March was a month filled with adventures! My 3 best friends finished their Uni course and so it was a month to enjoy every moment! We ended up going camping, with a bunch of beautiful people! We had tons of study dates (so that they could study for their exams). We also tried doing tons of challenges such as the Yoga challenge. My best friend came to live with me, we filmed tons of videos and had tons of fun! 

On the first of April, my sister surprised my family since she was still living in Europe. We celebrated my parents birthdays and made each of them themed. I also started an Internship, super fun and learnt loads. At the end of April was when the tickets to Ashy Bines London Squad were being released and I literally glued my laptop to me. I literally screamed when I could purchase my VIP ticket! It was so awesome purchasing that ticket omg.

In May, thanks for me being fast enough to buying the Ashy Bines, I BOOKED MY TICKET FOR MY LONDON TRIP! The Ashy Bines Squad tour was going to be on the 4th of June, my 25th birthday was on the 3rd of June and on top of that my sister and my brother in law and my sister in law lived in London. So I literally made the most of it! 

June, June, June! It was probably the best month of the year, for so so many reasons. The first being that I was traveling, I was in London, spending time with my sister and some other amazing people! Going out, visiting places, shopping, spending quality time with the most amazing people. We would also go to the gym on some days. On top of all that, on the 2nd after it hit 12am, my sister and my brother in law surprised me with birthday decorations, balloons, cake and my birthday gifts!!!! It was so so special being there. 

Wanna know what I got? I got a beautiful pool floaty! Anddddd thennnn! A FREAKIN TICKET TO PARIS! I know! Right???? If you haven’t watched my vlog for that, I suggest you go watch it!! 

On the day of my Birthday, my sister, sister in law and I were out to town shopping and the girls who were going to the Squad tour had made a whats app group and right then and there, I had seen that Ashy was out to town with her girls shopping. So I checked the what’s app group and saw that someone had seen her. 

Long story short, my sister and I went into Topshop, and I literally SCREAMED of happiness when I saw Ashy, Gresty and Sammy! It was absolutely amazing! I’ll never forget that moment! 

I was happy it was my birthday and I had met one of my favorite Fitness Idols! 

Staying in London for over a month, chilling with amazing people, going to the Ashy Bines Squad tour and getting TO GO TO PARIS with my better half was just. 

July was the month I returned to Dubai, I was very inpatient to see my puppies and to have a routine again. I also had to spend as much time as possible with best friend Slurpy due to her leaving Dubai to go do her masters! We had to go on as many adventures as possible and spend important quality time since I was going to miss her loads and there was no guaranty of when we would see each other again. July was also the month I decided it was time to get my 5th tattoo, so the day came, it was actually like the 31st of July that we went to get it done! If you haven’t seen my post about it, i’ll link it over here.

August, a month of just relaxation and spending quality time with my family, my sister came back to Dubai for spending time with us, we went on a few adventures together. We also went to the butterfly garden for the first time together, it was pretty adorable.

September, the month that I pretty much lived at my gym, it was pretty amazing. Couldn’t have found a better Personal Trainer to train  me every single day! The perks of working freelance. September was also a month FILLED with adventures! Chris, Racheal and I and sometimes other friends too used to always go on so many adventures every damn day.

Laura came to visit us (our common friends) in September, she kept it a secret from all our friends, so the day she arrived, after I went to pick her up from AD and got home! We decided to go swimming for a while with my new pool floaty! His name is JiiJuu, incase you’re not following me on Insta, you should go follow me now so you can see who I’m talking about! September was also the month my sister moved to Dubai. That was huge!! 

October was a very busy month, but made It through. Focusing on new projects which hopefully I will be able to talk to you about in the new year. There was a lot of different things I was focusing on! I was pretty much living at my gym! 

I also went on a trial 3 days (in the place I’m working now) and extended it to another week. 

November was the month of a bunch of birthdays,  including my best friend’s one and ofcourse my sisters one! My sister’s yacht party happened on the weekend and it honestly was so much fun! It started at 12pm and lasted until 7, I had such an amazing time!! and the month I got hired! 

December, a month full of happiness, joy, laughter and spent with the most amazing family and friends anyone could ever ask for. I’m grateful for every day of my life. On Monday 18th December, I was having a shit day at work, at 6:10 pm, was walking towards my ride and OMGGGGGG I look up and I see my best friend in the passenger seat, got a mini heart attack of happiness! It was one of the best surprises! Honestly couldn’t have been better! Anyways, we drove home and I knew my other best friend was already at my house, Chris had told me he was gonna surprise me after work. I walked in my house with Ana, said hi to Chris and he said there was another surprise in my kitchen, so we walked inside my kitchen, and best friend Laura was there. My emotions were a little crazy that day! SUCH AMAZING SURPRISES! 

That night, best friend Ana and I decided that we would meet some of our friends after dinner, so we went on beach road and listened to loud music as per usual. We spent almost all the weekend ms together! I just love spending time with her!!

Then Christmas was absolutely amazing and I got such amazing and beautiful gifts! Spent quality time with family, my puppies, ate lots of yummy food, and dessert! On top of that, we got tons of photos and I obviously vlogged everything!

My passions became reality, some for the second time, and some naturally. One of them was running which not only became a hobby and a passion but it became a lifestyle, working out became a daily need, which I’m in love with and thankful for.

I really hope 2018 will be as amazing as this past year or even more, I don’t regret not one single minute of this year. I hope you all have a wonderful year, full of memories, laughter, happiness, joy and success.

I think I told you enough about these 12 months….

I had the luck to share this special year with a lot of people who made every step and goal unique, thanks to all my friends and to my family for being by my side, no matter what. And thanks to you, for always being here, even If behind a screen: when I’m very happy and get emotional some tears get to my cheeks while I smile.

Happy New Year Everyone!

♥ Giulia Zampieri



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