2018 Resolutions

Magic is in the air.

2018 I will… 

1. Travel

– Portugal

– Italy

– Indonesia

– Greece

to name a few ideas.

2. Publish A Book

–  Secret title! hush hush!

4. Write Something Everyday

– Blog, Journal, Poems, Songs, Crap

– Even if it sucks, write something down

5. Become a Yogi/Mediate Daily

– Yoga at least 1x a week

– Connect within and without

– Feel the flow. Breathe it out.

6. Create. Create. Create.

– Pixels Thoughts & Words: have so much content!

– Books

– Music

– Photography

– Videos/Cinematography

– Art, Food, whatever you feel drawn to.

7. Read 2 Books a Month

– This is doable.  1 book every 2 weeks.  24 Books.

8. Listen to a Podcast on a daily basis

– Motivational Podcasts

9. Make a Difference

– Help out a stranger

– Help someone without them knowing

– Be kind

– Be the change you wish to see in the world

– Vegan, Do more cruelty free research.  Make the utmost effort

– Volunteer

10.  Continue Building Personal Foundation

– Learning to love self and others unconditionally

– Trusting the Universe and faith

– Priorties

– Feeling good and confident in your own skin

– Keep intentions pure and authentic

– Stay light

With gratitude for yesterday, awareness for today and faith for the future; life becomes sprinkled with fairy dust and moments start weaving together in silver thread.  There’s magic in the air and it’s lingering all around.  It’s in the beat of our hearts, the life on this earth and the dreams we create. “Shoot for the moon, you’ll end up among the stars. “

2018, let’s do this.

♥ Giulia Zampieri




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