Welcome to my London Travel Guide! In case you didn’t know, London is one of my favourite cities out there. With that being said, I’ve been around the block quite a few times and thought I’d come up with a list of places to check out if you’re ever in the city!

I definitely recommend going in the spring or summer months, I pretty much avoid London at all costs in the winter… it’s absolutely freezing. I’ve gotten way too spoiled with my beautiful Dubai weather!

Anyway, LET’S BEGIN!

Of course, The London Eye

If you’re coming to London, there’s no way of avoiding this thing. Nor should you WANT to avoid it. I have gone it twice already and it’s absolutely beautiful and as a tourist I highly recommend going up!

There is also the bridges all around where you can view the London Eye in different angles and spots. It’s so beautiful, you’re going to want to see it in every angle possible.

The London Eye is absolutely stunning, if you have the chance to go on it, I definitely recommend it. You can see London from above and it’s absolutely stunning.


Borough Market

Borough market is a multicultural neighborhood in downtown London and perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to explore within a couple of hours. On Sundays, it is really the best day to go if you want the most fresh food out there. Not only it is absolutely delicious, they always have the best atmosphere and the best stalls to walk around for a few hours and enjoy. There is definitely a lot to do with all the different stalls and stores to shop at!

They offer the freshest fruits and vegetables out there. There are different food stalls offering different food / cosines from all over the world.


Another classic tourist spot, Chinatown.

I’m pretty sure every big city has a neighbourhood called “Chinatown”. In London, it has these amazing restaurants to eat at with the most delicious food. Honestly, the time I was there in June 2017, I wanted to go eat there on a daily basis. So if you’re a foodaholic like me, you definitely have to go to Chinatown.

Not all that much to do here, just literally go there to eat and try such cool and delicious food.

The other cool thing about China town are the people, people in London are absolutely amazing, super kind, super helpful. People in Chinatown are just extra kind and extra helpful.















London Bridge

While thinking of spots to share for this travel guide, I came to realise one of my favourite touristy places is Tower Bridge, maybe because it’s so damn beautiful to look at and I just love looking at beautiful things while I take tons of photos of them.

I was pretty surprised to see how many people were there when I arrived. I thought I was probably the only one there but nope, I was wrong. There are always so many people that want to see and take photos of the beautiful bridge!







Primrose Hill is actually a super cute area! Tons of little shops and restaurants. The most beautiful neighbourhood in all of London? Most likely, after Notting Hill, The houses in Primrose are abs
olutely beautiful, super colourful and the people are just so chilled and so nice all the time.

In this neighbourhood, there is also a giant and beautiful park where you’re obviously allowed to bring your pets along with you and wow, the view from that spot is absolutely beautiful. You can see all of the skyline of London and it’s just so breathtaking. Highly recommend checking it out!



Shopaholic? Oxford Street

If you’re a fellow shopaholic, you’re probably gonna be on the hunt for good shopping in London! Lucky for you, there is a TON of great shopping stores in the city. Oxford street is known to be the most amazing one for shopping. It literally has all the stores you could possibly think of, and more. It has pretty much every thing you could possibly want to buy. The stores in London are not only amazing but they’re also GIANT compared to what I’m used to. Usually Toyshop would have one or two levels. In London, Toyshop has 4 to 5 levels of items. It’s amazing to shop in London.

Everything is bright and open and it provides a great place to spend an afternoon! Besides the great stores, there are tons of amazing restaurants as well on the side roads.

If you’re looking for higher end shopping, Soho has it all! Such a beautiful area, even if you’re not doing shopping it’s a great spot to visit on a nice sunny day! Soho is absolutely beautiful and has some really beautiful high end stores.


Love visiting graffiti walls? In Camden, there are Graffitis literally everywhere. Graffiti alley is basically a spot in between a great amount of buildings where spray painting is legal. People come to showcase their work and share their messages with everyone that visits. They have tons in Camden but it’s actually beautiful to see. In Camden, it’s completely casual to be posing in front of every single wall!

Super fun spot to check out if you’re into photography, graffiti, or are bored and just have nothing else to do! I’d love to go back with some friends and create our own little bit of art here. There are also some really great stores in Camden and delicious food spots. Oh, if you want to get a peircing or a tattoo, Camden is your town to go!

Hyde Park

If you have an interest in people watching like I do, there’s definitely plenty! While we were there, we were having so much fun watching people. There are so many special characters in Hyde, it’s the best.
You get to see every type of person you could think of.

Buckingham Palace

If you’re a fellow touristholic, you’re probably gonna be on the hunt for going to see the beautiful Buckingham Royal Palace in London! The palace is giant, obviously and lucky you, it’s really close to Hyde Park. So you could do two stone and one bird. The palace is absolutely beautiful to see, if you’re a tourist in London, you need to take that typical photo in front of one of the gates of the Palace. We’ve all done it before, so why not?

Big Ben

Big Ben, another one of my favourites! One of the most beautiful on a sunny day! Loud at every hour or the day and beautiful every second of the day. He’s the most photographed in London I believe. Most probably, because he’s right in the middle and always the centre of attention.








AND THERE WE HAVE IT! My top spots to check out if you’re visiting London!

Obviously there’s much more to do in London than just this list of my top spots but it’s all I have for today!! I was in the city a few times and I always got to explore more and more things every time!

London is such a beautiful city, from the London Eye to walking around Camden Town, there is always something to do! Especially as a tourist! It’s mostly walking around, you’re definitely going to get a nice workout! I was beyond excited to explore the city and see all of the cool tourist spots! The best thing is, I’ve been to London multiple times and there’s literally always something to do.







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