Blonde Again!

Hello all! Hope you’re all having an amazing Friday!

Today I’m going to get my hair colored, still not too sure what I’m doing, however I’m definitely going lighter! I’ve been wanting to go lighter for a while now but wanted to wait for something special such as a trip. I don’t know why, almost every summer I get the urge of going lighter! Thankfully, this time round I didn’t get the urge to cut my hair shorter!! I love my hair short but last time I feel like I overdid it.

I’m almost certain I want to get blonde highlights again, some extra blonde streaks In my hair would look good I think.

I’m going to add some photos after this text but I’ll definitely show you the result after I’m out of the salon!

For now, I hope you have an amazing weekend wherever you are and I’ll speak to you all very soon!


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