Life Update!

WELCOME BACK: Wow I have not blogged in forever!!!! I have been so busy with work and just life in general, but I really really want to start publishing on here more often! As many of you know, I was absolutely swamped and just couldn’t find myself to make the time to publish an article on the blog!!! I’m changing lifestyle….. I’m moving to the next step of life, which is going on holiday 6 months  twice a year. JUST KIDDING. I wish!

I started working at my new job at the end of last year but for some reason, I wasn’t constant with my articles and publishing them on here. I know i’ve said this many times but I’m back for real this time. I’m about to go on my holiday and I feel like it’s the right time to MAKE the time to publish all of the articles on the blog. I have been and will always be working on a lot of “personal” projects. I’ve been working on the blog, as well as my YouTube Channel. So many exciting things are happening in the next couple of months. Lots of life changes! You guys will see as they all come along and you can follow along on my vlog channel (Vlog Channel) if you want to see my daily adventures.

I’m super excited about my summer trips, I booked my tickets for my trips in January so I;ve had a long time to wait which makes it even more exciting. I’ve been researching and planning. I love planning things early. Especially if I have never been to the place / city / country.

I’m going to two places, one of them you already know is Italy. The other one I’ve been calling it “secret place”. I’ll only be sharing the secret place when I reach so I can update you with photos and all! I’ll be collecting lots and lots of content for the blog, all my social media platforms, filming a lot so i can make videos and obviously i’ll be vlogging on a daily basis.

For my Instagram, I feel like it looks A LOT better now, it’s had a little makeover and looking stunning! I can’t wait to show you all the exciting posts coming up!

Thank you always for the amazing support!! I love you all so much!

P.S. I promise there will be tons of new posts in the next few days!

♥ Giulia Zampieri



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