Summer Time ‘18

Oh Summer! Well hello there! I was technically supposed to publish this post on Wednesday but didn’t manage with everything happening!

So let me tell you about my incredible Summer months!

End of May I traveled to Italy, we stayed 2 entire weeks enjoying food, going on pizza dates, loving the weather, chilling by the pool, spending time in the sun. Enjoying time with special family, laughed until our abs hurt, celebrated my 26th birthday, went to Venice with close friends, came back, went to the most beautiful italian wedding and stole cherries from the trees.

I literally loved every minute in Italy, it was absolutely fantastic! I had the most epic time! Oh we also went on a boat with my best friends and also received one of the coolest birthday gifts! But I’ll tell you about that later!

We also took road trips since the weather was crispy perfect!Italy was absolutely amazing! I really hated leaving, it was such a sad feeling, it wasn’t good.

We had a layover, which we (me mostly) spent eating everything I could, and just tried to forget the fact that we were leaving!

We reached the airport and at that point, all I wanted to do was reach home and stay with the rest of my family and my puppies!

I had separation anxiety with my puppies so all I wanted was spend time with them and cuddle them for hours!!

And that’s exactly what I did! We reached home and they were attached! I was home with my babies again! I was the happiest person on the planet!

I stayed one night in Dubai, chilled with my babies, with my puppies and packed my suit case because I received a trip for my birthday!

I absolutely love receiving trips for my birthday! Probably one of the best things you could receive as a gift! I also received other gifts, but I’ll keep that for another post!

So anyways, I packed my suit case, got ready, and in no time, I was back at the airport!

Six of us went to the airport and headed to SRI LANKA! That was such an adventure!!!

The flight was short and sweet! We reached in the morning and got into our bus and then went straight to Unawatuna, our favorite spot to just relax and unwind.

We literally got there, changed into bikinis and jumped in the pool, stayed in the sun and pool the entire day. It was absolutely amazing! Obviously I took tons of photos and videos in between, hehehe! I had to!

The entire time we were there….we chilled, laid in the sun, stayed by the pool with a glass of wine or coconuts! It was absolutely insane! The place we stayed at, was paradise! I will definitely show you guys photos of the house, I just didn’t get the time to separate the articles with all the photos and all!

We also went to town a couple of times and walked on the beach and had lunch in the beautiful weather!

Went to Galle forte once in a while, went to get full body massages! It was absolutely amazing!!!

I literally couldn’t have asked for a better holiday to relax! I think Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries! And the people there are absolutely amazing!

Unfortunately, the day that we had to go back home arrived, we were all really upset to leave paradise but we were very grateful for even being there!

We got back to Dubai, took a Careem, went home and enjoyed the last few “holiday hours” with my family and puppies!

I unpacked everything from my suit case and got ready for my first day back at work which was sad but exciting!

After only a week of us getting back to dubai, the exciting things kept happening!

Firstly, the FIFA World Cup was on, and I absolutely love going to watch the games with a bunch of our friends!

Second, my sister in law came to town, so we spent quality time together, tanned by the pool in the day time, went out and partied at night!

We went on a Luxcrawl, which was absolutely amazing, and so much fun! We went clubbing at Mahiki, we went to dance at Lucky Voice!

Days kept passing by, but in August, my long time friend came to visit his family…it’s kind of a long story but we were old neighbors and we’ve always kept in touch! I’ve been friends with them since day one. Well, we found out that both one of the kids and I were in Dubai, so we met up after not having seen each other for like 4-6 years. It was absolutely amazing catching with him after such a long time! We met up a couple of times before he had to fly back since his Summer was almost over!

I moved into my friend’s flat for the time she went on holiday so that I could take care of her kitties! During that time, I managed to decide about where I wanted to go for my next trip! Missing my best friends who live in Switzerland, Portugal and Italy, isn’t easy deciding! Also having the addiction for traveling and discovering and experiencing new places all the time makes me think twice about where to go since I have so many places on my Travel Bucket List!! I also managed to get back into my workout routine, which was great! I felt like I had so much time on my clock because I would always managed to get everything done!

September arrived and there are tons of beautiful things that happened which I’m not allowed to talk about yet but super soon I will!

Over all, this past few months have been absolutely extraordinarily amazing! They were absolutely incredible!

I’m actually very excited about everything happening at the moment, I’ve already put countdowns for all the exciting things happening soon! I can’t wait to share everything with you all!

I will talk to you all very very soon! I hope you enjoyed reading this and show me some love in the comments or on my Instagram!

I love you all!


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