Blogging live!

Tuesday 5th February, currently in the metro on my way to go get my hair done. Very excited about this! I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but I’m excited! My hairdresser never disappoints!

Last time I did my hair, a couple of months ago when I got my blonde highlights removed. But I kinda got attached to them and to be honest I miss them a little bit.

So honestly I’m just looking forward to seeing what he has in mind. He always has good ideas for my hair color!

This is probably the 10th time I write an article on the metro on the way to somewhere but then I never actually published them. So I need to get on top of that.

My team and I have been discussing a few changes for my platforms, not only my blog but also my YouTube channel and my Instagram.

But that’s not to be discussed now. I do hope you enjoy reading my articles whenever I publish them!

Hope you guys are having a lovely day! I’ve got Hairdresser, then meetings.

Talk to you all soon!

Giulia xx


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