Things are changing on here!

It took a little longer than expected due to a couple of reasons. One of them being due to this blog being my baby but it’ll be worth the wait once everything is done. My team and I have decide that Pixels Thoughts and Words is getting a little makeover.

Pixels Thoughts and Words started out as a fashion and personal style blog, back in 2010, then slowly I would literally blog about everyday and include my outfits. I got so used to blogging about everything, it was becoming blogging about ANYTHING. I always chose quality over quantity but sometimes really really wanted to publish something because I felt like i would have disappointed my readers who were waiting and excited for my next post.

It’s now April 2019 and it’s time to convert Pixels Thoughts and Words into my Travel and Fitness blog. I’ll be posting 99% of the time about Travel or Fitness. Other topics will be very rare. It could pretty much be anything related to travel, it could be the top 5 most interesting cities. It could be “Places not to go to In a specific place “. It could also be the best 3 airline tips. Over these past few months, I had the opportunity to really go through and think about which topics are the most important and should be shared and published on here. Those two were my conclusion. In the long term, i’m not going to really give two sh*ts about what I wear to this super cool event, i’m going to want to look back and look at crazy awesome photos I took on my trip to Paris, London, Bali, Sri Lanka or Thailand. This is the reality.

So let’s have a toast to this new chapter of Pixels Thoughts and Words. New beginnings always inspire me so much and I always have so much to share with you on the two topics I chose! I’m BEYOND excited!

Nowwwww, ladies and gents….get excited for my next article!

Have a great evening and talk to you super soon! xx

P.s. PTW is turning 9 years old this year! 😍 #mybaby


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