TBT: Summer In London

Going to London in the summer time was an absolutely fantastic idea! I loved the fact that I was going to spend time with my sister, since I hadn’t seen her in ages! & well, the fact that I was going to London was so super exciting!!!
Another reason why I was going? Ashy Bones Squad Tour! She was one of the first fitness stars I started following AGES ago and I couldn’t believe the fact that I was planning on going to see her & do a workout with her.
I was in London for over a month, and I really did have the besets time with my sister, her husband & my sister in law. It was absolutely epic!
I got to London on the 27th of May and after just a couple of days, it was my birthday, which I was so stocked that I was spending it yet again, not at home (in Dubai) but in London!
I was not expecting anything as I was away from home and I had already given a gift to myself, yet, my sister & her husband managed to surprise me once again!
Guess what they gave me as a gift? A FLAMINGO FLOATY & A TRIP TO PARIS WITH MY SISTER!
Oh my goodness, i cried like a baby!!! It was one of the most amazing gifts, because who could have asked for a better gift that visiting a new city with her sister?
So, I know this is a throwback post but THANK YOU for everyday spent in London was magical! & our trip to Paris was an absolute dream!
I hope you guys all enjoy the photos I’ve added on here!


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