Peggy’s Cove!

BIG TITLE: Being here is literally insane. Everyone here is super sweet! So nice to hang out with! Today we went to Peggy’s cove, the main place I really wanted to go when I got here.

That was just brought my trip to another level! It was so beautiful and so breathtaking. Let me be honest, it was absolutely FREEZING. My hands and ears were falling off.

All in end, to finish with having really delicious fish and chips at the restaurant there by Peggy’s cove! I learnt beautiful things about that place.

Firstly, it was literally the last thing they saw when the Titanic was about to happen.

Second, it’s a new

Overall, my experience today was absolutely amazing.

I’m so grateful to have met all of you beautiful people who made my trip incredible.

Italian Translation

Post veloce solo per mostrare come deve essere il layout dei post. Titolo principale, header, then english post e poi traduzione in italiano sotto.

♥ Giulia Zampieri



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